Tina Karanusic

Technology Consultant

Before Joining Waterstons

I joined Waterstons in the summer of 2020 as a Technology Consultant for my Placement Year. I study Mathematics at Newcastle University, where I focus on a mix of applied mathematics and statistics, choosing modules such as Quantum Mechanics and Bayesian Inference. Through these modules, I have gained experience in programming but I'm curious about the more technical side of IT.

Working At Waterstons

Working as part of the Managed Services Team, I provide remote support for our clients. It's a very dynamic role where each day brings something new, which makes it a perfect environment to learn. I've already broadened my knowledge of hardware and infrastructure, and I am hoping to learn more about the possibilities of automation.

Outside of Work

After work, you can find me in People’s Kitchen, where I assist with preparing meals with a lovely team of volunteers. Sometimes I'm in the gym (‘sometimes’ being the key word here), or just at home struggling with Duolingo’s exercises on Russian verb conjugation. One day I hope to read Russian classic literature in Russian, though that day is still a long way off!


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