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Dec 2023

12 People of Waterstons – Clair Hillier

On the second day of Christmas, Waterstons gave to me, head of digital delivery (management).


Head of Digital Delivery Management

Clair joined Waterstons over 10 years ago but had a very exciting career even before then.

She started out as a software developer before moving into software testing. She worked at the Royal Institute of British Architects and built a great testing team there, working on some really large solutions for architects, engineers and other construction professionals. While there, she managed a one-off project for an individual customer and fell in love with having a project that enabled her to work really closely with the customer. Ultimately that’s what led her to Waterstons – coming in to work to do one-off solutions for a massive range of clients.

She said: “I have great teams around me and I get to work on some really interesting solutions. I have fantastic relationships with some clients and Waterstons has a strong culture that allows me to work in a way that I strongly value.”

As Head of Digital Delivery Management, Clair works with businesses and internal teams to create software solutions that make their lives better. To do this, she and the team embed themselves in an organisation to understand how a client works, and see what they can do to make the organisation more efficient, more informed, safer, or in a position to make more revenue.

Let’s find out more about Clair in her own words…

I really enjoy working with people; both new to me and people that I know. I love meeting clients. I love how buzzed the Waterstons’ teams are and how much they love learning and progressing – I find it impressive and it is infectious. They are incredibly clever and incredibly funny. We all work hard but we make sure that we have a great time while we’re doing it.

“I am particularly proud of my team – it’s hard to put into words. They are tight-knit, supportive, great at their jobs, funny and generally really great humans. I’m proud to say I got them together, the rest is all down to them.

“For 2024, quality of delivery is my main aim; where can we learn? Where can we grow? How can we be better? How can I help?

“…and maybe a tattoo.”

To find out more about Clair, and maybe offer some tattoo inspiration, get in touch at