Rich Endersby-Marsh

Bespoke Consultant

I joined Waterstons in 2014 as a graduate software developer, and since then have worked on a variety of projects, utilising technologies such as SharePoint, Umbraco and ASP.NET MVC. I have also gained experience in database management and web service testing, and I am currently working towards an MCSD in SharePoint 2013. I enjoy engaging with our clients directly and understanding their unique business requirements, as it gives me a concrete sense of how the software I’m working on actually helps people in the real world. This compounds the sense of satisfaction I already derive from logical problem solving, as I can directly see how my work is adding business value to our clients.

When it comes to technology I have a particular interest in machine learning, having implemented a reinforcement-learning agent during my time at Durham University that learnt to play the board game Othello to a high standard simply by playing it repeatedly. This experience highlighted to me the role that machine-learning and neural networks can play in crafting extremely useful and responsive software that adapts and evolves according to user input. As such I am always keen to see how these particular technologies and methodologies can be applied to the software we develop and support at Waterstons.

Outside of work

My primary hobby outside of work is music. I play guitar, bass and drums and have performed in a number of bands and contexts ranging from a jazz trio to a metal band, and from a covers band to a Ceilidh band! I have also had the opportunity to perform live on BBC Radio, and my guitar playing has recently been featured on BBC Look North and ITV news. When I’m not playing one of my five different guitars I can usually be found unwinding with a good book. I’m particularly interested in books on science, philosophy and theology that attempt to address the bigger questions of life, but I’m equally likely to be getting stuck into some kind of epic fiction novel à la George R. R. Martin or Stephen King.


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