Stewart Hogg

Head of Information Security

About Me

I joined Waterstons in 2010 after completing my Masters degree in Astrophysics at Durham University which included specialising in the study of Black Holes that are the centre of large galaxies. A drive for problem solving fuelled my passion for studying physics however I’ve always had a desire to help solve ‘real problems’ faced by ‘real people’ which led me into a career with Waterstons in technology consulting. In recent years I’ve been focussing on IT service management initiatives to help improve that way IT aligns with business needs across a number of industries from universities to manufacturing companies, petrochemical sites to legal firms. It’s a great feeling when you can improve a process or deliver a project which helps businesses to become more effective at what they do.

Much of my time at Waterstons has been spent as a ‘Site Manager’ often managing an onsite IT team and dealing with the daily challenges of optimising technology and supporting the business. To do this effectively we often take a step back and create an IT strategy which will define programmes and projects which will better align the IT services to the business requirements. I currently hold the “Prince 2 Practitioner” accreditation which has help me to successfully manage these strategic projects across a range of sectors and see real value delivered from these initiatives.

My Expertise

There’s a long standing problem in many organisations today whereby IT doesn’t understand the business and the business doesn’t understand IT. One of my desires is to see this gap bridged and to mature the IT service into being a strategic partner to the business through effective service management. I currently hold the ITILv3 Expert accreditation and also take inspiration from the Lean Institute in order to adopt and adapt elements of best practise to improve the value IT brings while avoiding unnecessary bureaucracy and red tape!
What’s exciting is that every day presents a new opportunities to continually improve and this ongoing process of developing an IT service that can respond effectively to business change; a crucial business edge in today’s economy.

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein


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