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Daniel Halliday
Written byDaniel Halliday
Bespoke Software, Data & Analytics
Apr 2022

Can a machine really sound like me?

As phishing attacks become more advanced and commonplace, it is more important than ever to be able to defend yourself against them.

Alex Waterston
Written byAlex Waterston
Technology Consulting
Mar 2022

A whole new MetaVerse

We did it - we ran a meeting in the MetaVerse. Find out how it went from our Associate Director for Innovation and Leadership, Alex Waterston.

Theo Gordon
Written byTheo Gordon
Software Delivery & Consultancy, Software Operations & Support, Bespoke Software
Mar 2022

Ready to automate?

In an ever-more digital world, the need for automation has never been stronger. Companies across all sectors are looking at how they can automate systems and processes to focus human skills where…

Helen McMillan
Written byHelen McMillan
Business Consulting
Mar 2022

Design thinking: more than a buzzword

How can something ‘design’ led be useful in the tech, business, and innovation spaces? 

James Alderson Headshot
Written byJames Alderson
Technology Consulting
Mar 2022

Waterstons: digital consultancy for leading organisations

Article featured in Technology Magazine March 2022

Stewart Hogg
Written byStewart Hogg
Cyber Security Strategy
Mar 2022

Outstanding Women in Cyber

On International Women’s Day 2022, we asked Sarah Cunningham, who was an information security consultant at Waterstons at the time, more about her story as a woman working in cyber security and…

Helen McMillan
Written byHelen McMillan
Digital Mindset, Business Consulting, Project Management
Mar 2022

Digital transformation: keep the stakeholders close, but the end users closer

Digital transformation projects have helped whole industries adapt, and survive, in today’s competitive market, but the success of these ambitious projects should not be taken for granted. In fact…

Steve Williams
Mergers & Acquisitions
Jan 2022

Ask these three questions to assess cyber risk in a business